Eve Kalinik: Understanding Hydration with Pure H2O Co. Ltd

Here’s guest blogger, Eve Kalinik, on the importance of adequate hydration with pure water

Hydration, or the lack thereof, is something that I’m consistently reinforcing with my clients, many of us wonder why we have afternoon slumps, food cravings, headaches and sluggish digestions but often this can be a simple fact of not taking in enough water. When you think as we are almost 60% water and pretty much every cellular process is conducted in a water environment its no wonder we need to make sure that our bodies are well hydrated. This also contributes to supporting digestive processes & juices as well as transporting oxygen and vital nutrients in the blood and around the body. And a hydrated body also burns fat more efficiently. Fact.

As a general guide we need to take in around 2 litres per day but this should be increased if you are exercising or traveling. Whilst pure water is the obvious and most bio available source, hydration isn’t just about straight up h20. It is also important to eat plenty of water rich food based sources too. Cucumber, green leafy veg and strawberries are up there at around 90% water but generally most vegetables will contain good levels. Try not to get so fixated on having a certain amount of fluid per day but also ensure to have hydrating foods as part of your daily intake. Juices & smoothies are a great way to max this but making sure you are hitting your 8 portions of veggies per day will have an impact on your hydration levels too. When drinking water the key thing is to make sure that your water comes from a clean source, trying to avoid plastic bottles where possible as these contain hormone mimicking substances and other chemicals that can leach into the water itself. Repeated and long term exposure to these are not beneficial for our health so try to buy your water in glass bottles where you can. Investing in a home filtration unit is well worth the money, rather than wasting it on filter jugs that don’t get rid of a lot of the contaminants and general nasties. In my opinion the best filtration system uses a reverse osmosis process, like the pureh2o.co.uk systems, that also takes out hormones, since most regular filters won’t do this.

Here’s some more of my better hydrating tips…

WAKE & HYDRATE – start the day as soon as you wake up with a glass of water. The body will be pretty thirsty first thing so try to get into a routine with this. Warm water and lemon juice can be a nice twist and also stimulates digestive processes.

MAKE IT INTERESTING – add things like slices of lemon, mandolin sliced cucumber, fresh mint or fresh lime & pinch cayenne can make all the difference and certainly make your water look and taste more inspiring. Avoid the flavoured waters as these often contain high levels of sugar.

SIP THROUGHOUT THE DAY – don’t get to the end of the day and realise that you haven’t had enough and chug back in one go. We can over hydrate ourselves too so little and often is the key mantra here.

WINE NOT WATER – when it comes to meal times that is! Avoid drinking a lot of water when you are eating as this can dilute gastric juice secretion and impair breaking down food. A small glass of wine can assist this though.

HAVE A GOAL – buy a beautiful jug and have it on your desk at work or in the kitchen. That way you’ll be more inclined to drink regularly. A plastic bottle with its label peeling off isn’t the most appealing things and clients often tell me they don’t have time to go to the water machine so having this to hand will make it a lot easier. Check out BKR bottles that are chic and make you want to drink more.

HERBAL TEAS COUNT – in all their variety are another great and delicious way of increasing your intake. Coffee has a dehydrating effect so just stick to one organic freshly ground cup in the morning after breakfast.

Toxic Arsenic in Cornish Private Drinking Water Supplies

Pure H2O RODI Removes Carcinogenic Arsenic from Private Drinking Water Supplies.

A recent study published in Science Reports reveals that some homes in Cornwall with private water supplies (PWS) have levels of arsenic exceeding World Health Organisation guidelines. As a result, householders are

“exposed at concentrations harmful to health… chronic exposure to arsenic in drinking water is a well-documented cause of numerous cancerous and non-cancerous health defects, including cancers of the lung, bladder and skin.”*

How does this happen?
Cornwall is one area of the world with naturally-occurring high levels of arsenic in its geology. The 2016 study by Middleton et al reports there are estimated to be 20,000 – 30,000 PWS wells in Cornwall, with 2,462 PWS households registered with the Drinking Water Inspectorate (the actual number may be much higher). These PWS are the responsibility of their owners and users, rather than any statutory body.

What can be done?
The government advises “installing appropriate treatment that is capable of treating water to a consistently satisfactory quality”.

Our patented Reverse Osmosis with De-Ionisation (RODI) process is the most efficient and cost-effective way of treating your private drinking water supply, ensuring total removal of Arsenic along with a myriad of other contaminants and impurities both naturally-occurring and man-made.

Additional Benefits of the Pure H2O RODI Purifier

Our RODI purifier protects your health and gives you total peace of mind about the safety of your water. And not forgetting that it gives you delicious tasting water, more palatable than any other. It is purer than all bottled water brands and kind to the environment, with a 95+% carbon footprint reduction compared to bottled, and zero plastics use and waste.

Our RODI purifier is typically installed under your kitchen sink for maximum convenience, but we can tailor our systems to suit your needs and would be happy to advise on the best installation for your home.

Find out more

Call us now on 01483 617 000, email customerservice@pureh2o.co.uk or visit our main website for further information: http://www.PureH2O.co.uk


Middleton, D. R. S. et al. Urinary arsenic profiles reveal substantial exposures to inorganic arsenic from private drinking water supplies in Cornwall, UK. Sci. Rep. 6, 25656; doi: 10.1038/srep25656 (2016). Link: http://www.nature.com/articles/srep25656

Government advice: http://www.privatewatersupplies.gov.uk

Pure H2O at The Dentistry Show 22-23 April 2016

PureH2O_Dentistry_Stand_cropDid you know that we’re the leading supplier of water treatment systems to dental surgeries in the UK? Find us at The Dentistry Show 22 – 23 April on stand B88, with our RODI-UF water system.

For spotless surgical tools your autoclave requires the highest quality water; our patented RODI-UF system offers superior steam quality, eliminating the possibility of cross contamination of surgical tool and patient, by preventing scaling, stabilising lipopolysaccharides (LPs) in endotoxin complexes and ensuring 100% microbiological protection, eliminating pyrogens, pathogens and endotoxins.


  • The No 1 choice for autoclaves
  • The only RO system – worldwide – with EPA certification
  • Fully MHRA compliant
  • Eliminates possibility of cross-contamination of surgical tool & patient


  •  IQ EMP (Intelligent Memory Panel)
  • Advanced flushing technology
  • Micro Switch Activation Mechanism (MSAM)

The RODI-UF system is available exclusively from The Pure H2O Company. Come and talk to us at stand B88; take away our brochure or if you can’t make it in person, call us on 01483 617 000 to discuss the benefits of installing Pure H2O systems in your dental practice.

Another Tap Water Crisis

Our customers in the Midlands will no doubt have been hugely relieved they made the sensible decision to install a Pure H2O tap water purifier after Severn Trent Water recently issued a ‘Do Not Use’ order due to high levels of chlorine.

Thousands of households were recently ordered not to use their tap water for any purpose including drinking, bathing and food preparation, due to massively high levels of chlorine. The resulting panic, confusion and efforts to find bottled water left many experiencing a stressful few days.

It’s clear that our water utilities cannot be trusted to guarantee the safety of our water supply even within so-called ‘permissible’ limits of impurities and contaminants. Hundreds of Do Not Use or Boil orders are regularly issued throughout all areas of the UK by the various water utility firms supplying tap water, due to ‘significant, serious and major drinking water quality events’¹.

For total peace of mind our tap water purifiers remove chlorine as well as the cocktail of agro-industrial pollutants, heavy metals, drug residues, disease-causing mico-organisms and more found in tap water. Pure H2O is purer by far than all bottled water brands, and is on tap in your home in unlimited supply.

Our convenient rental option – which starts at less than £1 a day – is an easy way to ensure the safety and purity of the water you drink and reduce your daily exposure to chemicals.

And you need never worry about the quality of your drinking water again, whatever the news headlines.

Call us on 01483 617 000 for more information or visit www.PureH2O.co.uk

Reference: DWI Annual Report 2014 http://www.dwi.gov.uk/about/annual-report/2014/dw-events.pdf

Image copyright BBC News 2016


Pure H2O RODI Purifiers Remove Potentially Harmful Endocrine Disruptors from Tap Water

The Pure H2O Company’s Reverse Osmosis with De-Ionisation sub-sink home purifiers remove potentially harmful endocrine disruptors from tap water.

The European court of justice recently ruled that the European Commission has not been quick enough in identifying and banning the use of potentially harmful endocrine-disruptors found in water, food, and hundreds of everyday products including cosmetics, household cleaning products and plastic food and water containers.

These chemicals can be harmful to humans, animals and the environment; the World Health Organisation says* they are suspected to be associated with altered reproductive function in women and men, increased incidence of breast cancer, abnormal growth patterns and neurodevelopmental delay in children and changes in immune function.

So what can you do to minimise your exposure to these harmful chemicals?

1. Get a RODI purifier for your home. Water is the foundation of your wellbeing so of course you want it to be as pure and free from harmful substances as possible. Unfortunately, tap water is far from being pure, containing small levels of impurities including micro-organisms, drug residues and of course a myriad of agriculturel and industrial discharge, such as metaldehyde, levels of which recently breached UK and EU standards in some areas of the UK.

Our technologically advanced RODI purifiers remove endocrine disruptors from tap water, as well as 99.99% of other potentially dangerous contaminants and impurities including pesticides, hormones, drug residues, chemicals and bacteria. It’s the purest, safest water you can drink – and it tastes delicious. It’s never been easier to benefit from RODI Pure H2O with our convenient monthly rental option.

2. Ditch bottled water and switch to Pure H2O. Bottled water is no alternative to tap water; it also contains impurities, such as nitrates and micro-organisms. And of course plastic bottles are a major factor in pollution. Additionally, polymers are thought to be a source of endocrine disruptors.*

Switching to Pure H2O is not only healthy for you –the health benefits of pure, chemical free water are unquestionable, so what a great, positive move it is to opt for the purest water possible – it’s also healthy for the environment, giving a 95% reduction in carbon footprint.

Switch to non-plastic reusable food storage containers such as those made from glass or stainless steel. If you plan to gradually phase-out your plastic containers, remember to always wash them by hand, not in the dishwasher, never put hot food into a plastic container, or heat up food in a plastic container in the microwave (“heat raises the risk of chemicals… leaching into the food”*).

3. Check labels of your foods, cosmetics and cleaning products and opt for more natural alternatives.

Find out more about our RODI purifiers and why Pure H2O is the natural choice for optimum health at www.PureH2O.co.uk. Call us on 01483 617 000 we’d be happy to help you select the right purifier for your household.


* World Health Organisation http://www.who.int/ceh/risks/cehemerging2/en/

* National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences http://www.niehs.nih.gov/health/topics/agents/endocrine/

* Dr Steve Ball, head of Endocrinology Newcastle & Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Daily Mail 10.11.14 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2829170/Microwave-dinner-Amid-growing-fears-chemicals-food-packaging-water-bottles-linked-infertility-cancer-obesity-safe-microwave-food-plastic.html


What Doctors Don’t Tell You: What’s In Your Water?

We at the Pure H2O Company take health seriously and believe that there are NO acceptable levels of impurities in the water you drink. That’s why we produce the world’s world’s most advanced RODI drinking water systems.

We’re in January’s issue of What Doctors Don’t Tell You, looking at water systems that give total protection in your home. Our patented Reverse Osmosis with De-Ionisation under-sink home water purifiers remove 99.99% of tap water impurities including the slug pesticide metaldehyde, endocrine-disruptors, traces of medications, neuro-toxic cyanobacteria linked to the development of Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease, carcinogens from the petro-chemical industry, fluoride, chlorine and aluminium.

Removing these impurities and contaminants not only protects your health, it gives you great tasting water that’s a joy to drink. It’s also the environmentally-responsible answer to bottled water and is in fact purer than all bottled water brands, by far.

Check out January’s edition of What Doctors Don’t Tell You for lots of enlightening information to help you improve and protect your health. And to find out more about what’s in your water and RODI home water purifiers, visit our website at www.PureH2O.co.uk or call us on 01483 617 000

What’s in your water?

Understanding that rain water is the world’s most natural and readily available source of pure drinking water let us consider what happens to this pure water next. Once it falls from clouds it starts to pick up emissions from our industries, vehicles and homes. These are toxic impurities that were never meant to be in our drinking water. Once it reaches the ground it then starts to come into contact with the myriad of impurities that exist naturally in soil and bed rock and of course the man made substances like tarmac, concrete, metals, paint, agricultural chemicals like nitrates, phosphates, pesticides, herbicides.

Of course there is then all the waste that we bury in land-fill. Most pollution comes from industry and we develop thousands of new chemical compounds every year that ultimately re-enter the air we breathe and the water we drink and the food we eat. Ever considered why 1 in 3 people will die prematurely from a cancer related illness. We believe that there are no acceptable limits of impurities in the water we drink. For guaranteed purity install the world’s leading RODI subsink purifier from The Pure H2O Company.