World of Interiors: Quatreau is the ultimate tap for the smartest kitchens

Quatreau is the ultimate tap for the smartest kitchens, as seen in the latest edition of World Of Interiors magazine.

Demand more than boiling – insist on Quatreau. It’s the only four function touchscreen tap to dispense Pure Boiling, Pure Sparkling, Pure Chilled, as well as unfiltered thermostatically controlled Hot / Cold tap water.

Enjoy unrivalled quality and taste with 99.99% pure water with the optional under-sink Pure H2O RODI purifier.

Quatreau is the ultimate tap for the smartest kitchens, designed and manufactured in Great Britain by The Pure H2O Company, passionate about water purity since 1992.

Thanks to The World Of Interiors for featuring us in their stunning May edition. Find out more about our touchscreen smart tap with optional Pure Water at all 01483 617 000 or email

Images copyright The World Of interiors, 2016.

Veggie Magazine: Nourish, Flourish & Thrive

Veggie_Feb16Check out Veggie’s February issue – it’s stacked full of ways to ‘Nourish, Flourish & Thrive’. You’ll find us on page 82 asking: ‘What’s in your glass…’ of water, that is!

We think of Pure H2O as the equivalent of organic food – free from the myriad of pesticides, chemicals and other contaminants and impurities found in tap (and even bottled) water.

We believe there are no acceptable levels of contaminants and impurities in the water you drink, understanding that pure water is the foundation of good health. That’s why we produce the world’s most efficient and effective RODI (reverse osmosis with de-ionisation) tap water purifiers that neatly fit under your kitchen sink to produce 99.99% pure water that tastes great and supports your wellbeing.

You can rent one of our technologically advanced tap water purifiers from less than £1 a day so it’s super easy to start benefiting from Pure H2O right away.

Browse the rest of our blog for helpful articles on health, food and water, visit our main website to learn more about our tap water purifiers, or call us on 01483 617 000.

We’d love to help you nourish, flourish and thrive this Spring!

Veggie Magazine: Pure H2O is Website of the Month

VeggieMag_Website fo the Month_Dec15_recommends_700Veggie Magazine awards us Website Of The Month!

The Pure H2O Co. has streamlined its offering, supported by a website with a user-focussed design and navigation. The website has plenty of attractive images showing how the company’s systems fit into the home, with clear product descriptions. this is supported with transparent technical nitty-gritty including tech specs, installation and servicing information. There is also environmental information about improved efficiencies, sustainability, reduced energy consumption, food miles and carbon footprint.”

The Christmas issue of Veggie is full of festive comfort and joy, with Jamie’s superfood dinners, Lorraine Pascale’s perfect gift list, magical Christmas markets to visit and the best ever veggie gravy. You’ll also see us on page 96  revealing how you can enjoy the taste of pure water for less than £1 a day! Find out more about that on our brand new website – and we hope you’ll agree with Veggie that it’s brilliant!

Grazia Magazine: Pure H2O is better than flavoured waters

Grazia really got us thinking this morning with this article by Eve Kalinik. Firstly, who knew Kale could be problematic? Second on the list of minefield ‘healthy’ choices is water:


Pure H2O better than flavoured water

So why is Pure H2O so much better than flavoured waters? And what about bottled water or tap water?

As Eve says, flavoured waters often have so many additives that make them taste okay, if artificial, but the additives themselves can be problematic to your health. Tap water contains a whole host of impurities including pesticides, chemicals, hormones and medications and as we all know, often tastes just horrible – especially when it’s going through one of its over-chlorinated phases! Unfortunately bottled water carries a heavy environmental burden due to food miles and resource degradation, and many people are keen to avoid the further environmental impact of plastics, as well as the health concerns.

Pure H2O is simply that – pure water. It’s better for you, your health and the environment.

We have 3 water purifier options to suit everyone’s needs and budgets. We’ve just rolled out our rental option to all our purifiers, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of unlimited Reverse Osmosis pure water for less than £1 a day!

Thanks Eve for recommending Grazia’s readers check out The Pure H2O Co. for information on clean water. We love to post helpful articles on water, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices and look forward to welcoming you all to Pure H2O.

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Ethical & Green Innovations: Pure H2O Is The Ethical Answer To Bottled Water

EthicalGreenInnov_0915_adHave you seen the Guardian’s Ethical & Green Innovations supplement from 12 September? It’s full of eco-secrets for your interiors, sustainable travel tips, seasonal eating suggestions and a green wardrobe makeover.

We’re on page 7 taking a look at the ethical alternative to bottled water – Pure H2O. That’s tap water purified of all contaminants by our unique under-sink Reverse Osmosis with DeIonisation purifier (RODI S), the world’s smartest drinking water system that gives 99.99% pure water, free of contaminants including pesticides, bacteria, chemicals, hormones and medications.

Unfortunately bottled water carries a heavy environmental burden, and tap water a) doesn’t taste great, especially if you live in a hard water area and b) may contain a whole range of impurities and contaminants.

Pure H2O is the clear alternative. Not only is it purer than all bottled water brands, guaranteed, it is the environmentally responsible choice; offering a 95+% carbon footprint reduction, zero food miles, reduced plastics use and waste, enabling you to instantly and permanently reduce your impact on the planet.

We also take a look at our brilliant multifunction Quatreau Tap, which gives instant Chilled and Sparkling water, so you can truly give up bottled water for good, as well as enjoy instant Boiling water – for the ultimate convenience.

Our Soft & Clean water conditioning systems eliminate hard water scale that destroys appliances, giving you financial savings due to reduced wear on taps, showers, washing machines and heating systems. Soft & Clean keeps your skin hydrated and lets you cut your shampoo, soap and detergent use by 50%.

“Stop just talking about it” says the Guardian – so if you’ve been thinking about turning away from resource-degrading bottled water to a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution, visit our new website now – you’ll find all the information you need about our range our water purification and softening systems and our range of multifunction taps – and you can now order online or if you would prefer to chat to a human being, just call our customer service team on 01483 617 000 or email

Veggie Magazine: Total Water Purity

Veggie_FC_OctHave you checked out the recently revamped Veggie Magazine?

We think you’ll want to, because it’s bursting with delicious recipes and has great contributors, including Rose Elliot.

You’ll find us in the magazine every month, and here’s a heads-up on an upcoming page on ‘whole home’ water systems which increase your comfort throughout the home.

Our whole home solutions are a great benefit throughout the house, here’s how:

1. KITCHEN: the pure, clean refreshing taste of Pure H2O drinking water on tap. We have several multifunction taps, including the iconic Quatreau, to suit your needs and budget.

2. BATHROOMS: purified water throughout your home helps skin stay soft and smooth, surfaces stay cleaner for longer and appliances remain free from scale build up – reducing running costs and expensive repair bills!

3. UTILITY: washing machines, dishwashers and irons all last longer when connected to pure water. Clothes, towels and linen are softer and last longe when free from hard water.

4. HEATING: protect your heating systems with pure water; no scale build up helps reduces wear and tear and helps underfloor heating, boilers, etc run more efficiently.

In short, pure water isn’t just for drinking and soft water isn’t just for bathing. Our water systems increase comfort and care throughout the home. We love to design bespoke water solutions that exactly meet your household’s set-up, needs and budget.

Call us today for a chat on 01483 617 000 or you can email us:

And don’t forget to check out Veggie Magazine – we think you’ll be inspired!

What Doctors Don’t Tell You: Pure H2O RODI Water

Check out the August issue of What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine – you’ll find a page of water news and views from us! We took a look at these topics:

Why Choose RODI Pure H2O: Taste, Health & Environment

The Alkalinity Myth: your body regulates pH very effectively.

Eat Pure, Drink Pure: “we’re bombaded with so many chemicals on a daily basis. To be able to cut out one major source and so conveniently, is worth every penny”, says Flora, gym manager and Pure H2O client.

Pure Convenience: with three installation options to suit your needs and budget, our technologically advanced water purifiers fit under your kitchen sink. Our ‘try before you buy’ rental topion, from just over £1 a day, lets you benefit with minimal financial outlay.

If you’d like to chat to us about how Pure H2O RODI can improve your wellbeing, which system is right for you and find out more about our budget-friendly rental option, just give us a call on 01483 617 000 or alternatively email

And don’t forget to check out the August issue of What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine!