Water Saving Week 2018 with Pure H2O

Water Saving Week 19 – 23 March, 2018

Did you know that despite abundant rainfall, water supplies in the UK are under pressure? Waterwise warns:

“the UK has less available water per person that most other European countries… and the South of England has less water available per person than some African countries”. (1)

This threatens not only water security for humans, but also that of wildlife and aquatic ecosystems which depends on healthy, abundant riverways.

The UK is one of the highest water consumers, using on average a massive 150 litres per person, per day. Reducing water waste helps protect one of our most vital environmental resources and it saves you money, too.

The main message is simple: use only the water you need.

Environmental concerns are at the heart of everything we do at The Pure H2O Company. We’re proud that our tap water purifiers, kitchen taps and other products help people reduce their environmental impact whilst protecting their health and enjoying their lifestyle.

Quatreau Kitchen Taps: dispensing only what you need, in an instant.
Quatreau Touch instant boiling kitchen tap

Quatreau Touch

Waterwise recommends you don’t boil more water than you need and — we make this easy with our Quatreau range of taps which deliver exactly the amount of boiling water you need, straight into your cup, teapot or saucepan.

There’s no need to waste water whilst you keep your ‘cold’ tap running until it gets cold enough for a refreshing drink, either — just select the Chilled option on Quatreau Touch or Quatreau SmartTap for instant, efficient chilled water.

Water Efficient Tap Water Purifiers
Tap Water Purifier

Water Efficient

Our tap water purifiers don’t just guarantee water purity, providing unlimited drinking water free from the microplastics, pesticides, neurotoxins, hormones, medications and heavy metals found in tap water; they are extremely water efficient, too. In fact, we are the only company to have achieved high levels of water efficiency in our domestic systems.

To get technical, our reverse osmosis (RO) process achieves 2:1 production ratio whilst our reverse osmosis with de-ionisation (RODI) process achieves 3:1. Additionally, we use unique, high-quality micro switches in our systems to ensure water efficiency, whilst RO systems from other companies only use basic mechanical valves which are much less efficient. Our purifiers also have an inbuilt intelligent management system that minimises water use whilst maximising water purity.

Water treated in this way is not only water-efficient, pure and safe, it’s also much more environmentally friendly than bottled water and its associated single-use plastics pollution, carbon footprint, air-miles and resource degradation.

So, it’s a win-win on the environment front with The Pure H2O Company’s tap water purifiers and multifunction and smart kitchen taps.

Find out more at www.PureH2O.co.uk, call us on 01483 617 000 or email customerservice@pureh2o.co.uk — we’d be delighted to help you protect your health with pure water, maximise your lifestyle and reduce your environmental impact, too.


1. https://sites.google.com/waterwise.org.uk/watersavingweek/i-want-to-save-water-in-my

Easy ways to reduce water waste at home, from Waterwise:PureH2O_WaterSavingWeek.jpg

Amnesty on Lapsed Annual Services

Reinstate your warranty & protect your investment.

Your Pure H2O water purification system needs servicing annually to ensure you continue to enjoy the many benefits of pure water. Our annual service also preserves your warranty on a rolling 12-month basis for an incredible, industry-leading 10 years.

This warranty is your insurance policy – if anything goes wrong, we send out an engineer to get it working again, free of charge. It’s our commitment to you and it protects your investment. Without it, you’re exposed to not only a host of water impurities, but also unexpected repair bills.

If you’ve fallen out of the pattern of annual servicing, we’d like to welcome you back with these two great offers:

Continue with your existing system. We can carry out a health check visit to inspect your system, the tank pressure and change the pre-filter (which prevents the membrane from being damaged by the chlorine in tap water). We’ll also check to see if any other parts need replacing; if they do we’ll give you a quote for the work and reinstate your warranty once the work is completed. This health check visit is £132 plus VAT, compared to £249 for a full annual service.


Alternatively, trade in your old system for a brand new one. You’ll get £448 part exchange for your old PL90 RODI purifier, bringing the cost of a brand new RODI S purifier down to £1,046.50; you also save a further £249 because there is no need to pay for the service this year.

Call us now on 01483 617 000 or email customerservice@pureh2o.co.uk and we can book a service appointment that’s convenient for you and ensures you continue to enjoy not just the purest water possible, but the best in lifelong service, too.

Ethical & Green Innovations: Pure H2O Is The Ethical Answer To Bottled Water

EthicalGreenInnov_0915_adHave you seen the Guardian’s Ethical & Green Innovations supplement from 12 September? It’s full of eco-secrets for your interiors, sustainable travel tips, seasonal eating suggestions and a green wardrobe makeover.

We’re on page 7 taking a look at the ethical alternative to bottled water – Pure H2O. That’s tap water purified of all contaminants by our unique under-sink Reverse Osmosis with DeIonisation purifier (RODI S), the world’s smartest drinking water system that gives 99.99% pure water, free of contaminants including pesticides, bacteria, chemicals, hormones and medications.

Unfortunately bottled water carries a heavy environmental burden, and tap water a) doesn’t taste great, especially if you live in a hard water area and b) may contain a whole range of impurities and contaminants.

Pure H2O is the clear alternative. Not only is it purer than all bottled water brands, guaranteed, it is the environmentally responsible choice; offering a 95+% carbon footprint reduction, zero food miles, reduced plastics use and waste, enabling you to instantly and permanently reduce your impact on the planet.

We also take a look at our brilliant multifunction Quatreau Tap, which gives instant Chilled and Sparkling water, so you can truly give up bottled water for good, as well as enjoy instant Boiling water – for the ultimate convenience.

Our Soft & Clean water conditioning systems eliminate hard water scale that destroys appliances, giving you financial savings due to reduced wear on taps, showers, washing machines and heating systems. Soft & Clean keeps your skin hydrated and lets you cut your shampoo, soap and detergent use by 50%.

“Stop just talking about it” says the Guardian – so if you’ve been thinking about turning away from resource-degrading bottled water to a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution, visit our new website now – you’ll find all the information you need about our range our water purification and softening systems and our range of multifunction taps – and you can now order online or if you would prefer to chat to a human being, just call our customer service team on 01483 617 000 or email customerservice@pureh2o.co.uk

A Message from Roger Wiltshire, company founder & pure water enthusiast.

The Pure H2O Co. founder Roger Wiltshire explains why he is so passionate about the health and lifestyle benefits of pure, soft water…

“If I were to offer you three glasses of water, each from a different source and each with a list of the contaminants known to be present in the water, it would seem a natural choice to drink the purest of the three, that is the water with least contaminants, after all why would anyone knowingly drink something if they knew it contained potentially harmful chemicals.

This is very much the choice we make each time we drink water. Some people drink tap water knowing that it contains chemicals (most recently the slug poison Metaldehyde now breaches legal limits). Others will chose to drink bottled water but if you were to study the chemical analysis legally required on the side of bottled water you may be surprised to see contaminants such as nitrates that starve the red blood cell of oxygen. You may already have a water filter installed but if it’s inefficient (carbon doesn’t remove slug poison) would you still knowingly drink the water it produces?

It makes sense therefore, when making a choice of water purifier to buy a system that is guaranteed to remove all the contaminants in tap water, not just for a few weeks but for the life of the system. Carbon filters can improve taste but don’t really scratch the surface. Reverse Osmosis is a big step in removing the inorganics but has limitations and inefficiencies. The answer is RODI Reverse Osmosis coupled to Deionisation with carbon pre and post treatment, a process pioneered by The PureH2O Company in the UK as early as 1989.

Our patented RODI system is qualified to remove all impurities in tap water (and the only system to carry EPA certification for removal of micro-organisms), producing the purest freshest, greatest tasting water on the planet. It’s also the only system to use an intelligent management processor to minimise water usage, whilst optimising the rejection rate of the reverse osmosis membrane. It’s the only process that incorporates automatic flushing to remove the scale that normally blocks a membrane extending life and maintaining the production capacity for up to ten years. As a patented system it’s the only one to incorporate a cleverly designed DeIonisation module after the Reverse Osmosis stage to ensure impurities such as nitrates, slug poison, VOCs and heavy metals are removed in their entirety.

Our tap water is regulated with set, maximum permissible levels of contaminants but even these are being breached effectively making tap water illegal. It’s our firm belief that there are no acceptable levels of impurities for drinking water. Installing our RODI system will be one of the best decisions you take, not only for your family’s health but the taste alone makes a Pure H2O system one of the most enjoyable, worthwhile products you will own.

Pure H2O RODI products produce the purest glass of water. Armed with this knowledge we believe that our glass is the natural choice for you.”