Why Choose Pure H2O RODI Water?

This month we go back to basics and look at the 3 main reasons to choose Pure H2O RODI water.

TASTE: Let’s face it; tap water just doesn’t taste great in many areas of the UK. You might live in a hard water area or regularly get that strong chlorine taste.

Many people can’t believe how much they enjoy drinking water after switching to RODI pure. One customer even describes it as “almost sweet”. Finally, your kids might start drinking plain water!

Pure H2O RODI water preserves the purity of taste or your favourite tea or coffee, whether you prefer a builder’s brew or have a specialist leaf tea for preference.

HEALTH: Probably the most complex set of factors that lead people to choose RODI pure; some of our customers have chronic health conditions or know someone whose health has improved with pure water.

Many of you are into health and fitness and consider proper hydration with pure water the foundation of both, enabling your body and mind to function at their best, improving performance, wellbeing and your enjoyment of life.

Tap water may contains a myriad of impurities which may include pesticides and herbicides, medications, chemicals and pollutants. Why ask your body to deal with these, when it doesn’t have to? The RODI process gives 99.99% purity across the spectrum of impurities both man-made and naturally occurring.

ENVIRONMENT: From reducing the use, waste & recycling of plastics, reducing the degradation of natural resources, and reducing carbon footprint and food miles, RODI pure water is the environmentally responsible answer to bottled water. In fact, compared to drinking bottled water, it gives a 95+% reduction in carbon footprint.

All in all, Pure H2O RODI water is the right choice whether you care about purity of taste, your health or the environment – or all three.

We’d like to know YOUR reasons for drinking Pure H2O RODI water – would you take our quick online survey so we can get to know your priorites better?

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Why I Chose Pure H2O

We like to get to know our clients better and discover what’s important to you. This month we meet Flora Heathcote, Gym Manager at In2 CrossFit, Clapham, Director at The Athelete Games and the British Championships. Flora recently called us in to install one of our RODI purifers with boiling tap at home and a RODI water cooler at her gym.

Hi Flora, would you like to tell us a little bit about what’s important to you in living a healthy lifestyle?
I’ve always been passionate about nutrition – in fact I discovered CrossFit through my interest in Paleo nutrition. Eating nutrient dense foods and avoiding processed foods and chemicals is important to me.

So was it your interest in health and fitness that led you to consider Pure Water?
Yes, I’ve become more aware over the last couple of years of the impact of ingesting chemicals – and of course one prime example of chemicals we all get on a daily basis is through tap water.

A year ago I bought a water distiller which worked well but was inconvenient – a large unit on my countertop, energy intensive and I’d need to remember to fill it and run it each evening. When I discovered I could have the same thing on tap (and get rid of my kettle in the process!) I was sold.

In addition, at the gym we always advise members not to drink tap water, and we previously provided filtered water in a water cooler. It turned out that installing the plumbed-in RODI system was far more economical as well as being a much purer water, and no hassle of weekly water bottle deliveries.

How did you first hear about us? I’d heard through a friend about the company

And how was the installation process? Installation was straightforward – they took care of everything.

What’s it like having RODI pure water? And what do your gym members think of it?
The novelty of having pure RODI water on tap as well as boiling water hasn’t worn off yet! The members at the gym are also really pleased to have a source of pure water – and one that never runs out or needs the bottle changing.

What do you think are the main benefits of RODI pure water?
We’re bombarded with so many chemicals on a daily basis, from air fresheners to pollution, food, skin creams, pesticides etc. To be able to cut out one major source of unhealthy chemicals from tap water and so conveniently is worth every penny.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us, it’s been great to get to know you a little better!

If, like Flora, you’re interested in nutrition, avoiding chemicals and maintaining your fitness and wellbeing, call us on 01483 617 000 or email customerservice@pureh2o.co.uk to see what RODI pure water can do for you. We have a range of installation options to suit your budget and requirements whether at home or at your business premises.