Customer Recommendations

They say self-praise is no recommendation and as we believe the foundation of a good business is happy customers and word of mouth recommendations we are so happy to be receiving a flurry of testimonials by email, on Facebook and Google+. Read on to see what our customers think of Pure H2O products and services…

Paul describes his 10 year relationship with us:

“We have had a standard [Pure H2O] water purification system for the past ten years which sits underneath the sink in the kitchen. System is serviced once a year by friendly and reliable team. The water is fresh, pure and means we don’t have to buy bottled water.

After ten years of near constant use, a small leak developed which was fixed promptly despite being out of warranty. No problems since. Found the service team responsive and helpful.

Stylish water Pure H2O bottles were given to us when we bought the system – we fill these up and have a constant supply of chilled, pure water in the fridge. Difficult to envisage going back to tap water or buying bottled water.

Definitely recommend this system and the team at Pure H2O.

J.M. reviews our customer service record:

 “We have been using the Pure H2O company for over ten years now. Their customer service is great. If I ever have a problem with any of my system, a quick phone call will get an engineer out to repair the problem. Part of having a great product is having the support of the company behind it.”

Manda shares her experience of the Pure H2O annual service:

 “Just had our annual pure water service and have been using this company since its early days, 15 to 20 years ago I think. I have their purifier and softener both of which I take for granted and wouldn’t be without. I bottle my own pure water from our tap now which I take to work as I hate tap water or most ‘mineral’ waters.

The service has always been excellent and is not expensive – and doesnt have any constant price hikes unlike all my other utility companies…

I have recommended this company to family and friends over the years who have all been really happy with the products and service – and I still do.”

And Nicky explains why she uses the Pure H2O RODI purifier, softener, conditioner and Quatreau multifunction tap:

“An innovative product from a company delivering great customer service !! The Quatreau tap was the third product we purchased from the Pure H2O Company we would never buy bottled water, this is far superior and we take it everywhere we go !

We initially had their RODI water purifier back in 2010 and when we subsequently built our new home we included their softener and conditioner too, as we all suffer from allergies and our previous system was an inferior one compared to this one from the Pure H2O Company.

We then added the Quatreau tap for our kitchen delivering pure boiling, chilled, and carbonated water plus handwashing and plant watering from one tap, we love it !!

I rate a company not merely by its ability to deliver innovative products, but by how it achieves servicing the requirements that may follow. The Pure H2O Company has certainly excelled on that front, as despite initial Quatreau teething issues ( it was a brand new product when we bought the tap) we have been looked after exceptionally well! We recommend their products to all who visit our home who love using the tap especially and showering in superior soft water too.

The equipment is all serviced annually and we hope to have many many more years being looked after by the excellent team at the Pure H2O company!”

And Tony (pictured, above) tells us what he loves about his Quatreau tap:

“Our Quatreau Tap has made all the difference to our kitchen and how we enjoy it’s multi-functions.

To immediately  have boiling water, pure water, hot and cold water and then fizzy water at your fingertips is extremely satisfactory. Not to mention the time and money it saves on the electricity bill not having to boil a kettle every time we need coffee or tea.

Our tap is the talking point of our custom built kitchen and gives it the final wow factor.”

A heartfelt thank you to all our customers who take the time out of their busy lives to get in touch. Please share your reviews on Facebook or Google+

And if you need to book an annual service or require support from our customer care team, call us on 01483 617 000, email or visit the dedicated customer services section of our website.

Amnesty on Lapsed Annual Services

Reinstate your warranty & protect your investment.

Your Pure H2O water purification system needs servicing annually to ensure you continue to enjoy the many benefits of pure water. Our annual service also preserves your warranty on a rolling 12-month basis for an incredible, industry-leading 10 years.

This warranty is your insurance policy – if anything goes wrong, we send out an engineer to get it working again, free of charge. It’s our commitment to you and it protects your investment. Without it, you’re exposed to not only a host of water impurities, but also unexpected repair bills.

If you’ve fallen out of the pattern of annual servicing, we’d like to welcome you back with these two great offers:

Continue with your existing system. We can carry out a health check visit to inspect your system, the tank pressure and change the pre-filter (which prevents the membrane from being damaged by the chlorine in tap water). We’ll also check to see if any other parts need replacing; if they do we’ll give you a quote for the work and reinstate your warranty once the work is completed. This health check visit is £132 plus VAT, compared to £249 for a full annual service.


Alternatively, trade in your old system for a brand new one. You’ll get £448 part exchange for your old PL90 RODI purifier, bringing the cost of a brand new RODI S purifier down to £1,046.50; you also save a further £249 because there is no need to pay for the service this year.

Call us now on 01483 617 000 or email and we can book a service appointment that’s convenient for you and ensures you continue to enjoy not just the purest water possible, but the best in lifelong service, too.

New Rental Option: Pure Water for less than £1 a day.

Rent_sign_promoHow would you like to enjoy unlimited pure water for less than £1 per day?

We’re excited to announce that ALL our water purification, softening and conditioning systems are now available to rent on a monthly basis. And for just £29 per month – less than £1 per day – you can enjoy our patented Reverse Osmosis pure water on tap in your home. This offers you the great taste, health benefits and environmental advantages of pure water, but also financial savings.

The recommended daily fluid intake is 3 litres for men, 2.2 litres for women*. In terms of bottled water, that costs around £3 per day for men, and £2.20 for women*. And of course, unlike bottled water, Pure H2O is pure, convenient and environmentally friendly.

Of course, you can still buy any of our systems outright, but we’re excited to introduce rental options in response to demand from our customers and believe it offers you the most accessible way for your whole household to benefit from pure water.

Why rent?
– Convenient, affordable, easy-to-budget monthly payments
– Annual service and warranty included in your monthly payment, saving you £250 every year
– Cope with water authority ‘boil orders’ without any stress, inconvenience or worry whatsoever
– Enables you to try a system before purchasing it outright
– If you do decide to purchase (and there’s no pressure to do so), your rental payments will be deducted from the price of the system.

Water Purifier Rental Options
RODI S the most technologically advanced water purification system. £39 per month, plus one-off installation fee of £299 (includes site survey where necessary, engineer visit, parts and labour). The purest water available, our patented RODI process removes 99.99% of micro-organisms, organics, inorganics, heavy metals, lead and nitrates. Your monthly fee includes your annual service, normally £250.

RODI M all the benefits of the RODI S, but with an easy to use once-a-week 5 minute manual flush system. £36 per month plus one-off installation fee of £299 (includes site survey where necessary, engineer visit, parts and labour). Your monthly fee includes your annual service, normally £250.

RO – reverse osmosis pure water for just £29 per month plus £199 one-off installation fee (includes site survey where necessary, engineer visit, parts and labour). Our most accessible and affordable water purification system, designed specifically for UK tap water and providing the best quality RO water, removing 99.99% of organics, 96% lead, 70-98% heavy metals, 70% nitrates. Your monthly fee includes your annual service, normally £250.

Water Softening & Conditioning Rental Options
Enjoy the benefits of soft, conditioned water throughout your entire home; skin is softer, smoother and more calm, hair more lustrous and easy to style, clothes and linens more comfortable, 50% reduction in use of soaps, shampoo, detergents, fabric conditioner, dishwasher powder. Taps, sinks, tiles and surfaces stay clean and bright for longer, heating systems and appliances last for longer, with fewer wear and tear repairs.

Softener £39 per month plus one-off installation fee of £399 (includes site survey where necessary, engineer visit, parts and labour)

Conditioner £39 per month and one-off installation fee or £299  (includes site survey where necessary, engineer visit, parts and labour)

Whole Home Rental Options

RoSoCo (RODI S / Softener / Conditioner) £99 per month plus one off installation of £897 (includes site survey where necessary, engineer visit, parts and labour). Includes annual service (normally £250). Saves you £694.

This offers absolutely unparalleled water quality, with all the benefits of the RODI S and the Softener and Conditioner. Your entire home, your health and the environment are protected and supported with the best water available.

SoCo (Softener / Conditioner) £69 per month plus one-off installation fee of £698. Saves you £398

Whatever your needs, our rental options offer the most convenient, budget-friendly route to enjoying the multiple benefits of pure, soft and conditioned water. Call us today to talk about your options: 01483 617 000 or email our M.D. Roger Wiltshire directly: You could be enjoying a Pure H2O water system at home in under 2 weeks.

*Mayo Clinic 2015

*50p for 500ml of Buxton, Volvic & Evian still bottled mineral waters from Tesco price correct 01.10.15

New: Service History Cards


Service History Card

Cheers – your system has been serviced!

We’ve just introduced new service history cards. Our engineers will leave one with your system after its annual service. You’ll find our contact details on the front of the card in case you need us and a service history on the reverse including date, technician details, readings and parts information.

We hope you find this new cards useful and reassuring. Keep an eye out for our new annual service reminder cards popping through your letterbox in our trademark cheerful blue.

Get in touch to book your annual service or ask us any questions about the service and maintenance of your system: 01483 617 000 or email