Amnesty on Lapsed Annual Services

Reinstate your warranty & protect your investment.

Your Pure H2O water purification system needs servicing annually to ensure you continue to enjoy the many benefits of pure water. Our annual service also preserves your warranty on a rolling 12-month basis for an incredible, industry-leading 10 years.

This warranty is your insurance policy – if anything goes wrong, we send out an engineer to get it working again, free of charge. It’s our commitment to you and it protects your investment. Without it, you’re exposed to not only a host of water impurities, but also unexpected repair bills.

If you’ve fallen out of the pattern of annual servicing, we’d like to welcome you back with these two great offers:

Continue with your existing system. We can carry out a health check visit to inspect your system, the tank pressure and change the pre-filter (which prevents the membrane from being damaged by the chlorine in tap water). We’ll also check to see if any other parts need replacing; if they do we’ll give you a quote for the work and reinstate your warranty once the work is completed. This health check visit is £132 plus VAT, compared to £249 for a full annual service.


Alternatively, trade in your old system for a brand new one. You’ll get £448 part exchange for your old PL90 RODI purifier, bringing the cost of a brand new RODI S purifier down to £1,046.50; you also save a further £249 because there is no need to pay for the service this year.

Call us now on 01483 617 000 or email and we can book a service appointment that’s convenient for you and ensures you continue to enjoy not just the purest water possible, but the best in lifelong service, too.

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