New Year Resolutions with Pure H2O and Quatreau Tap

Here are our top New Year resolutions and some easy ways to make them stick!

1. Finally, to drink more water. Hydrating adequately is a New Year resolution we’ve been happy to see lots of people making as its really the foundation of physical wellbeing, mental performance and beauty, too. Unfortunately tap water is unpalatable to many people, often tasting of chlorine gas, so some people mistakenly turn to bottled water. However this brings its own set of problems, increasing your carbon footprint, use of plastics, not to mention the hassle of lugging bottles of water home and having to store, then recycle them.

Happily, we have a simple solution and way to support you in hydrating properly this year – our RODI purifier removes all the impurities that make your tap water taste unpleasant meaning you can drink pure water, straight from the tap and you’ll never need to buy bottled water again. Happy RODI pure water drinker Tara (who absolutely can’t stand the taste of tap water) describes it as ‘almost sweet’.

2. Consume less sugar. Another popular resolution and you might have seen the hash tag #sugarswap trending on social media, or the Change4Life campaign. Our top tip is to replace fizzy drinks with Quatreau Tap’s Sparkling water – add a few slices of fruit, or a dash of organic cordial and you’ve got a much healthier, tastier drink.

Quatreau has 4 functions from an innovative, easy-to-use touchscreen interface and also offers Boiling, Chilled, Hot & Cold water. You might be wondering why replace your kitchen tap when you can buy bottled sparkling water. That’s a good question with an easy answer – Quatreau is the environmentally responsible answer to bottled water with no food miles or plastics use to consider.

3. Detox. A massive subject with many diet-related options, fads and frankly bizarre detox ‘plans’. We like to keep things simple, believing that water is absolutely the fundamental ingredient to a healthy lifestyle, and the most basic way you can detox is to consider the water you drink. Tap water contains a frightening myriad of impurities, from the slug pesticide metaldehyde, carcinogens from the petro-chemical industry, chlorine and potentially toxic residues of medications such as Prozac and hormones. There’s even asbestos, which has been linked to the development of intestinal polyps.

Your body doesn’t need this load of toxicities, they were never meant to be in your water but human activity has put them there. The easiest, safest way to detox is switch to drinking totally pure, natural RODI purified water, which not only makes your tap water taste good, it purifies it back to the state nature intended (actually, it’s even purer than that). We have a range of purifiers to suit your budget and lifestyle, click here to learn about the RODI process.

We’ve got a fantastic offer to ease you into the New Year, a RODI water purification system upgrade, with 15% off RRP when purchased and installed with our Quatreau tap. Call us to find out more and book an engineer: 01483 617 000

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